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Style match+

Shop your limitless inspirations, instantly

Style Match just got an upgrade
Get ready to fall in love all over again with your favorite feature on FashionGo.
Style Match+ improves finding and shopping for what you want to be easier and faster.
Style Match+ is free to download. It is a Google Chrome Extension designed to maximize your image search and personalize your ability to find exactly what you want in 2 easy steps.

Style Match+ Benefits

Style Match+ expands your style search to anywhere Google takes you.
Shop your style inspirations on FashionGo instantly with a simple right-click.

  • Unlimit your search

    Your inspirations are limitless so why limit your search? Search for styles on your Google Chrome browser and shop the style on FashionGo in 2 quick steps.
  • Increase your productivity

    Right click on the search image and choose "Search Image on FashionGo" to instantly shop for similar styles. Find what you need faster. Give yourself more time to do more and build the retail brand of your dreams.
  • Save your search

    Bookmark your search images. Right click on your search image and choose "Save to Style Match+ in Favorites" to save your search images and shop when you are ready. Pick up where you left off without losing your pace.

Advantages of Style Match+

  • Find and buy trending retail items on the web at wholesale
  • Compare style and price of popular items
  • Go instantly from browsing inspirations on social media to shopping them
DOWNLOAD Style Match+

How It Works

  • 01 From the browser on your desktop, right click on a style image you’d like to stock in your store

  • 02 Choose “Search Image on FashionGo” to directly upload the image to instantly shop similar style on FashionGo.net

    or choose "Save to Style Match+ in Favorites" to save your search image and shop this style later when you want.

  • *Must be logged in to FashionGo before using Style Match+ for seamless experience. If you are not logged in,
    you will be prompt to log in to FashionGo before you can begin using Style Match+

DOWNLOAD Style Match+

How To Install Style Match+

Follow these simple steps to download your Style Match+ now!

From your Chrome browser,

  • Step 1 To begin, click Download Style Match+
  • Step 2 Click Add to Chrome

  • Step 3 Click Add Extension in the pop up alert window

    Done! You have downloaded Style Match+ to your Chrome browser. To confirm that it has been downloaded correctly, check for the FashionGo logo next to the browser search bar.

DOWNLOAD Style Match+