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Rewards Program

Rewards Program now LIVE on FashionGo
The Rewards Program on FashionGo is designed to give back to loyal customers.
Shop and earn points with vendors you love and redeem to save on your next purchase!

Rewards program benefits

  • No minimum order amount required to use Rewards Points
  • Use accrued points immediately towards next purchase
  • Simple way to save money with vendors you love

How It Works


    You’ll earn 1% in Points for every $1 spent

    ex) 0.01pt for $1 spent or 1pt for $100 spent
    Shop with participating vendors
    and start earning points from orders.


    1 Point = $1 in redemption value

    Redeem accrued points for rewards on the check out page.
    Enter redemption value amount and
    click “USE” to apply rewards to that order.

Click here to check participating vendors


How can I earn Rewards Points?
You can earn points on Qualifying Purchases* with participating Program vendors on www.fashiongo.net. Rewards Points may also be earned through Rewards Coupons.
When can I use my Rewards Points?
You can use your earned Rewards Points on any Qualifying Purchases with participating Program vendor. Your Rewards Points will be available to apply to the order at checkout.
What is “Qualifying Purchase”
1) Fully/Partially Shipped orders from a participating program vendor
2) To earn points, Vendor’s Points earning status must be active at the time of purchase.
3) The applicable order amount for earning Points: (Subtotal-Discount-Redeemed Points)
4) The applicable order amount for redeeming Points: (Subtotal-Discount)
Where can I see my Rewards Points
Go to “My Rewards” to see and track your Rewards Points history and status.
Why are my Rewards Points pending?
Points will be ‘pending’ when the order is placed and will be ‘earned’ when the Order Status is updated to Fully Shipped which then defined as a Qualifying Purchase.
My order changed. Will this affect how many points I earn?
If the order amount is increased or decreased after checkout, the possible Rewards Points will be adjusted when the order has shipped. See our policy below.
Vendor deactivated Earning Points after I placed an order. Will I still earn points?
Yes, pending points are qualified to be earned based on the date you placed the order but earning will be finalized when the order status is updated to Fully Shipped.
What is the Redemption rate?
Redemption rate is set by each participating Rewards Vendor and it determines the maximum number of points you can redeem on an order. It is calculated as [Redemption % x (Subtotal-Discount)] and is subject to change based on each Rewards Vendor. (Example: If the vendor’s Redemption percentage is 10% and the order total amount is $200, the maximum points that can be used is 20 points)
What happens to my Rewards Points when I receive a refund an order?
The redeemed Points used towards the refunded order will be credited back to the buyer once the vendor issues a refund. If refunded Points have expired, the points will have a new expiration date, which is the last day of the 3rd month from the refund date. Any points earned from that purchase will also be deducted from My Account.
What is Rewards Coupon?
Rewards Coupon are coupons with Rewards Points that are issued by participating Program Vendors to buyers. The buyer can activate to redeem these Points on the Rewards Coupon without purchase.
Do my Rewards Points expire?
Yes. Points will expire on the last day of the 3rd month from the earned date. Points from Rewards Coupon vary in expiration dates based on the issuing participating Program Vendor. The expiration date cannot be extended.
My pending Points expired before the order is Fully Shipped because the order is cancelled. Can I still use them?
Yes. The expiration date of the points will be extended by one month if the order is cancelled. The Points will be credited back to your account once the order status is updated to Cancelled.
Can I transfer my Points to other accounts?
Rewards Points cannot be transferred or shared with other accounts.
Do my Rewards Points have a cash value?
Rewards Points does NOT have a cash value. You cannot convert Points to cash or store credit.

Rewards Program Policy

A. Overview of Rewards Program (the “Rewards” or “Rewards Program”)

This Rewards Program is a seller (“Vendor”) led loyalty program* at FashionGo that allows purchasers (“Buyer”) to earn and redeem rewards points (“Points”) on Qualifying Purchase(s).

Qualifying Purchase is defined as follows:

  1. 1. Fully or partially shipped (collectively “Shipped”) orders from a participating Vendor in the Rewards Program;
  2. 2. to earn Points, a Vendor’s Rewards participating status must be active at the time of purchase;
  3. 3. the applicable order amount eligible for earning Points is the final amount after subtracting Discount** and Redeemed Points** from the Subtotal amount** (“Eligible Earning Amount”);
  4. 4. the applicable order amount eligible for redeeming Points is the final amount after subtracting Discount from the Subtotal amount. (“Eligible Redemption Amount”)

Buyer can also earn Vendor Points by activating Rewards Coupons as further described below. Earned Points (as defined below) can be redeemed immediately on future Qualifying Purchases. Earned Points can only be redeemed with the same Vendor from which the Points were earned from.

B. General

  1. I.  Eligibility. All active FashionGo registered Buyers can participate in the Rewards Program. Buyers can earn Points on Qualifying Purchases. All earned and unexpired Points are redeemable upon checkout up to the maximum redemption rate set by the Vendor. Buyer is automatically enrolled in the Rewards Program by making a Qualifying Purchase on FashionGo. By making a Qualifying Purchase and participating in the Rewards Program, Buyer agrees to this Rewards Program Policy and the Terms of Use and all other applicable terms and Buyer acknowledges that the Rewards Program is subject to change. Buyers’ continued participation in the Rewards constitutes their acceptance of any policy changes.
  2. II. Duration, Modification and Termination of the Rewards. Each participating Vendor has the right to activate or deactivate Points earning status or change the maximum redemption rate at their discretion.
  3. III.Earning Points. There are two ways to earn Points:

    1. By Making a Qualifying Purchase: Points can be earned on every dollar, in $1 increments, spent on a Qualifying Purchase. Points can be earned in a minimum of 0.01 increments. Minimum purchase must be at least $1 to earn Points.

    The below chart provides an example of how Eligible Redemption Amounts and Redeemed Points may affect a Buyer’s expectation for Earned Points:

    Eligible Redemption Amount Redeemed Points Expected Earned Points
    $0.99 0.00 pts 0.00 pts
    $3.42 0.00 pts 0.03 pts
    $52.91 0.00 pts 0.52 pts
    $52.91 5.51 pts 0.47 pts

    2. By using Rewards Coupons:

    1. a. Generally
      1. i.  Rewards Coupons can be issued by any participating Vendor and Buyer can receive Earned Points without making any purchase;
      2. ii. To redeem Rewards Coupons, Buyer must activate the Rewards Coupon code on the Vendor’s FashionGo store page;
      3. iii.Expiration: date of expiration for Points from Rewards Coupon is set by participating Vendor and generally included in information thereto from Vendor.

    2. b. How to redeem Rewards Coupons and conditions:
      1. 1) Earned Points can be redeemed on participating Vendor’s Qualifying Purchases only;
      2. 2) Maximum Points redemption rate is set by each Vendor, and is subject to change;
      3. 3) Points may not be used to pay for shipping, taxes, or other fees

  4. IV. Redemption Value of Points

    When redeeming points on purchases, 1 point = $1 in redemption value.

  5. V. Conditions on Qualifying Purchases and Use of Rewards Coupons:

    1. a. Buyer can earn 0.01 Point for every dollar spent on Qualifying Purchases on Fashiongo.net
    2. b. Earned Points will be reflected in “My Rewards” at the completion of Qualifying Purchase, once the order has been shipped by Vendor (“Earned Points”)
    3. c. Buyer can earn Points for every dollar spent that is categorized as Eligible Earning Amount
    4. d. Buyer cannot earn Points with a participating Rewards Vendor with an inactive or deactivated Rewards status
    5. e. Rate of earning Points is subject to change on a daily basis under the discretion of the participating Vendor
    6. f. Expiration: Earned Points expire on the last day of the 3rd month from the date Points were earned. Example: Qualifying Purchase order placed on 1/20/2020 -> order’s status changed to “Shipped on 2/5/20" (Earned Points). Earned Points expire 5/31/2020.
    7. g. Buyer can enter desired redemption Points amount up to the maximum redemption rate at checkout;
    8. h. Points designated to be redeemed upon checkout will be categorized as “Pending Redemption” and will not be considered completely redeemed until the status of a Qualifying Purchase changes to Shipped;
    9. i. If an order becomes modified after checkout, the following redemption rules will apply upon the Qualifying Purchase’s status change to Shipped:
      • • If an order is added or modified in a way that increases the order amount from the original order, Redeemed Points do not change but Earned Points will change accordingly, subject to Earned Point rules. Example: If a $100 order is modified and increased to $200, whatever points redeemed on the $100 order will remain unchanged, but the buyer will now earn Points based on $200, not $100.
      • • If an order amount is reduced from the original order, Redeemed Points automatically recalculate based on the reduced Qualifying Purchase. Example: if a $150 order is modified and decreased to $100, assuming Vendor has a Redemption Rate of 10% and Buyer used the maximum of 15pts, the modified decrease order will also decrease the Buyer’s redeemed points from 15pts. to 10pts.
      • • Any portion of the unused designated redemption Points reverts back to Buyer’s “My Rewards”. If the reverted Points are expired at the time of reversion, said Points’ expiration will be extended to the last day of the following month. Example: If points revert back on April 20th, if the same points were set to expire on April 15th, those points will now expire on May 31st.
      • • If order is merged, the total designated earned and redeemed Points will not change from each original order.
      The below chart provides a few different examples of how various situations affect Point redemptions:

    RewardsActivation Redemption Rate Buyer's Available Points Eligible Redemption Amount Max. Points for Redeemed Expected Earned Points
    Active 10% 100 pts $300.00 30 pts 2.70 pts
    Active 20% 100 pts $100.00 20 pts 0.80 pts
    Active 20% 0 pts $100.00 0 pts 1.00 pts
    INactive 20% 100 pts $300.00 60 pts 0.00 pts

  6. VI. Order Return and Refund

    If a Buyer receives a refund from a previous Qualifying Purchase, redeemed Points will not be refunded in cash, if Points were used. Where both cash and Points are used for a Qualifying Purchase, Points redeemed, in whole or in part as applicable, will be returned to the Buyer. Returned Points expire on the last day of the 3rd month from the date Points were refunded.

C. Limitations on Rewards Points

Points have no cash value. Points are non-transferable, and cannot be redeemable for cash. The sale or transfer of Points is strictly prohibited. Points may not be sold on any secondary market, and any transfer of Points to a secondary market shall be deemed void. If a participating Vendor leaves FashionGo, then any Points remaining in a Buyer’s Rewards Account from the said Vendor will be forfeited without compensation or substitution. There shall be no carry over or transfer of Points to other Vendor's programs. All earned Points are subject to expiration. Rewards Program policy is subject to change.