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Frequently Asked Questions
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    How can I join®?
    Buyer memberships are FREE. From the main page, simply click the Register or Be a Buyer link, fill out the application and submit documents that verify your business, such as the business license, seller permit and recent invoices of purchases from other wholesale vendors. Please be advised that all submitted documents must match exactly with your business name and address. Approximately after 1 to 2 business days, we will confirm your membership and you will have full access to shopping the latest styles at the best prices from the wholesale vendors on our site. For new vendors, simply click the Be a Vendor link or call us at (213) 745-2667 to discuss our membership plans.
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    Why do you verify my information before allowing membership?® is a wholesale online shopping mall, and not open to the general public.
    The verification process is for the protection of our vendors, and to ensure that all merchandise is purchased by wholesale buyers for resale only.
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    I've registered but still cannot access some vendor stores. Do I have to register again?
    In most cases, you have full access to all vendors after our review of your application and supporting business documents. Vendors, however, still have the option to deny access to their store. If you have not been granted access to a specific vendor within 3 business days, please follow up with the vendor directly.
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    Can non US-residents obtain a membership?
    Yes.® is a worldwide online shopping mall. Anyone with a verifiable business in the fashion and apparel industry can join to be a member. *If a business license or seller permit number is unavailable, please type: Fashiongo1234. You may submit other documents to verify your business.
    Register to be a Member
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    How can I change my member information?
    Click My Account and you can edit information such as your address, phone, and credit card information.
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    Can I change my ID and password?
    Yes, this can be done by accessing Change ID and Password in the My Account section.
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    What if I forget my ID and password?
    If you forget your password, click Forgot Password and enter the email address that you have registered with us. We will email you the password that we have on file. If the email address you registered is no longer valid, please contact customer service for assistance.
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    Is my personal information safe and secure?
    At®, we value your privacy and the security of your personal information. We will never share your information with others. Our servers and network are protected by the latest security systems, and firewalls are always in place to safeguard your personal and confidential information.
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    How do I search for specific products?
    Use the keyword search bar at the top to find specific products. Type in the search word description and choose from the listed dropdown list to narrow your results. You can also search for specific items by typing in the “Style Number” of the item. Last, you can also search by the company name of the vendor you are looking for to see specific products.
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    How do I order products?
    1. After confirming the product, quantity and color, click [ADD TO SHOPPING BAG].
    2. * Please note many vendors have prepack and/or minimum quantity purchase requirements.
    3. When you have finished shopping, click [PROCEED TO CHECK OUT].
    4. Confirm or change your shipping and billing address, shipment method, and payment method.
    5. * Please note each vendor has different payment options.
      * Shipping may be delayed or cancelled due to incorrect information.
    6. For credit card purchases, enter your credit card information.
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    What are the shipping costs?
    Shipping costs may differ depending on the vendor and/or shipping method, and are added to your order amount after check out. For detailed shipping information, refer to each manufacturer's respective website.
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    When will my credit card be charged?
    After review of your order and confirming product availability, the vendor will send you an email confirming your order, including shipping costs. After processing your credit card information at this time, the vendor ships your order.
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    How do I "Check Out" orders from all vendors at one time?
    1. After you are finished shopping, when you click on the shopping bag button, you will see a page showing all the vendors you are buying from. If you want to complete check out with all vendors at once, please click [CHECK OUT ALL VENDORS] (blue button).
      If you want to check out with just one vendor at a time, please click [CHECK OUT THIS VENDOR] (yellow button). Your orders with the other vendors will be saved for check out later.
    2. Please select the type of payment you would like to use under "Payment Method". Also, choose a preferred "Shipping Method" under each vendor's listed options. If there are any special notes, please put it into "Additional Info". Click [PLACE ORDER] button.
    3. Each vendor will contact you regarding your order to confirm or request additional information.
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    What is Consolidated Shipping?
    Consolidated shipping is a packing service provided by®, and requested when buyers purchase from more than one vendor, but request shipment in one delivery, allowing them to save on shipping charges. The vendors deliver the merchandise to®, where we pack all the orders into one box (or a fewer number of boxes). Buyers receive all the orders in one convenient, cost effective delivery. Instead of multiple shipping costs, the buyers are charged by® on the designated credit card for the one shipping fee. Please note that we use FEDEX Ground Shipping for deliveries unless otherwise provided with another preferred shipping method via FEDEX. If the buyer requests two or three day shipping, they must call our office to confirm two or three day shipping via FEDEX.
    * Buyers need to allow a few extra days when requesting this service due to the fact that all vendors are not able to deliver goods to our office at the same time.

    To request this service, simply follow the instructions below:
    1. Make sure you have more than one vendor in your shopping bag.
    2. Mouse over the shopping bag and click [VIEW SHOPPING BAG].
    3. Click on the BLUE [PROCEED TO CHECKOUT] button.
    4. Check each vendor that you would like to checkout for the consolidation order. Select payment and for shipment, select "FEDEX Ground Shipping" under [CONSOLIDATION]
    5. * Make sure to check that the shipping address is correct and designate a card for® to charge for shipping.
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    What if I want to change or cancel my order?
    Buyers needing to modify, cancel or return orders should refer to the vendor's own policy on refunds and exchanges. If you need a refund, you must contact the vendor for authorization and approval.

    Please note that exchanges, returns, and refunds are Not Allowed by vendors in the following cases:
    • Loss or damage of merchandise while in buyer's possession.
    • Deterioration of merchandise due to visible use or wear.
    • Time since purchase is beyond the vendor's allowed period.
    • Breaking or otherwise tampering with the original seals and packaging.
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    What if the buyer places an order but refuses the delivery?
    If a buyer places an order and refuses the package without obtaining vendor authorization, the vendor will still bill shipping fees to the buyer. If the buyer refuses to pay, the vendor notifies® We will try to resolve the matter by notifying the buyer of the responsibility to pay shipping charges. By not resolving such issues, the buyer may receive negative ratings which are viewed by all vendors, who then may not want to sell to that buyer in the future.
    *® strongly encourages vendors and buyers to resolve order disputes quickly and amicably in order to avoid negative feedback and ratings on their records.
    *® only provides the platform or marketplace where vendors and buyers meet to buy and sell. Therefore, we not represent, endorse or warrant any product, nor can we be held responsible for the actions of any vendor or buyer.